M1000/M1000A - MV Variable Frequency Drive

Perfect Energy Saving Drive

  • The most efficient energy saving management
  • User friendly convenience monitoring system
  • Optimum solution for a variety industry fields

Capacity Range: 200kVA~12,500kVA

Voltage: 3kV/4kV/6kV/10kV/11kV

Main Features:

  • Improved Power Quality
  • Increasing Facility Efficiency
  • Cell Bypass Function
  • Ride-through Capability
  • Multi Motor Transfer
  • Synchronous Transfer Function
  • User Convenience
  • UL, CE compliance


Product Category

Product Description


LSIS_M1000_ENG Version from LSIS on Vimeo.


Improved Power Quality

Improved Input Power Quality and THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) by Adopting a Multi-winding Phase-shift Transformer

  • Application of extended delta-type transformer and separated-type multi-pulse rectifier drastically reduces input power THD, hence complying with IEEE-519 standards.
  • Input current almost identical to sine waves eliminates need for additional harmonic filters or active filters on the input side.

Producing Multilevel PWM-type Sinusoidal Output

  • Compatible with conventional motors and cables to ensure it fits in with the existing system design.
  • Minimal impact of voltage reflection, allowing longer cable length between drive and motor.
  • Medium voltage drives minimize mechanical stress on motor, eliminating need for additional sine wave filters.


Energy Saving

Achieving Energy Saving and Minimum Energy Loss through Optimized Speed Control


Guaranteeing High Operating Efficiency and Power Factor

  • Delivers a high-power factor at 95% or above with an independent built-in system without an additional power factor corrector.
  • Improves system efficiency with a drive-only system configuration without input/output filters.


Compact Design



Cell Bypass Function

Automatically bypass of failed cells if cells connected in series randomly fail during operation, allowing continuous operation.



Flying Start

Automatically estimates speed of the rotating motor to reach the frequency without any system failures (trip)



Ride-through Capability

Mechanical energy of load is regenerated to continue operation for up to 5 cycles when power outage occurs.
It allows continuous operation without stopping the drive or system.



Synchronous Transfer Function

Switching motor power from medium voltage drive to commercial power (bypass mode) or vice versa (drive mode)



User Convenience

Standard HD HMI Monitoring Maximizes User Convenience



  • Standard built-in PLC supports customization (I/O extensibility, etc.)
  • Providing the improved system compatibility with field-bus communication options
    (Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus, Metasys N2, LS BUS(RS485)