Power Factor Correction solutions are now an essential requirement for all factories and commercial buildings. Dash Control Systems has been implementing LV & MV P.F. Correction Solutions for over 20 years, and our solutions have been implemented in many leading factories and facilities in Saudi Arabia.

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Benefits of improving P.F.:

- Reactive energy saving which reduces the electricity bill by eliminating low P.F. penalties

- Optimized dimensioning of the electrical components (transformers, switching devices, cables), which enables facilities to add more loads without adding new transformers.

- Reduction of voltage drops along the lines.

- Reduction of aging components.


We provide different solutions:

Standard P.F. Correction Solutions:

The standard power factor correction is used in those plants where there are no current heavily deformed (verify the THD% data of the system current, which must be less than THDIR% of the selected power factor correction family) or resonance problems.

P.F. Correction Solution with Blocking Reactors:

Solution used when a current flows in the electric system with a high harmonic content (THD) and / or with the resonance risk with the MV/LV transformer. This type of power factor correction is therefore to be preferred for systems with important non-linear loads (lighting not luminescent, power electronics, VSD, soft starters, induction furnaces, welding machines…).


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