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CRTE is the ICAR last generation of metallized polypropylene film capacitors to be used for power factor correction and harmonic filtering in low voltage plants.

The main features are:

  • Three phase windings delta connected in a cylindrical aluminum case
  • Rated power from 2,5kvar up to 50kvar
  • Rated voltage from 230V up to 800V
  • Rated frequency 50 / 60 Hz
  • IP20 terminal board
  • Reduced mounting cost thanks terminal lid connections
  • Up to 130.000 hours service life design
  • Dry, environment friendly construction
  • Suitable for any mounting position (vertical preferable for better cooling)
  • Indoor installation
  • Temperature class: -25/D
  • Made under Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001 standard
  • Applicable standards: IEC 60831-1/2


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