MPCB (BES Series)
  • Rated motor current :
    • 0.11A to 12.5A  (0.04kW up to 5.5kW) at Icu=100kA
    • 11A to 25A  (7.5kW up to 11kW) at Icu=50kA
    • 18A to 50A  (11kW up to 22kW) at Icu=50kA
    • 45A to 100A  (30kW up to 45kW) at Icu=50kA
  • Can be combined with contactors 
  • Frontside transverse arranged and auxiliary contacts, signaling switch, shunt release and undervoltage release can be snapped on 
  • Wide range of accessories.

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MPCB (BES Series)MPCB (BES Series)