iG5A - General Economical Drive

Powerful & Compact VFD

  • LS Starvert iG5A is very competitive in its price and shows an upgraded functional strength.
  • User-friendly interface, extended drive ranges up to 22kW, superb torque competence and small size of iG5A provides an optimum use environment.

Input Rating:  1 or 3-phase 200~230V  or  3-phase 380~480V
Power Rating: 0.4kW ~ 22kW

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Product Description

Powerful & Upgraded Performance

Sensorless Vector Control

The built-in sensorless vector control provides superb speed control and powerful torque.


Built-in PID Control

The built-in PID function enables control of flow-rate, oil-pressure, temperature, etc without any extra controllers.


Built-in Dynamic Braking Circuit

The built-in dynamic braking circuit minimizes deceleration time via braking resistors.


User-Friendly Interface & Easy Maintenance

Easy Change of Fan

iG5A is designed to easily change the fan in case of a fan breakdown.


Cooling Fan Control

By controlling the cooling fan, iG5A provides a virtually quiet environment according to the status of operation.

User-Friendly Interface

The 4-direction key provides easy handling and monitoring.

Compact Size


The compact size is cost-efficient and allows for various applications.
Same height from 0.4 to 4.0kW (128mm)


Global Standard Compliance

Global Standard

iG5A series complies with CE and UL standards.


Both PNP and NPN inputs become possible and these enable the user to use the outer power. To do so, users will be given a wide range of choices for selecting the controller.

Frame Design